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Deborah (Zeb) is a trained designer and lecturer in “fashion design and garment manufacture”.

Zeb formerly lectured, and was course leader, at The Norwich School of Art and Design, helping to mould and nurture future generations of fashion designers.  She has been designing, manufacturing and selling unique and bespoke wedding gowns and bridal wear for over 25 years.  

Zeb has a fantastic creative flare for making exquisite and imaginative garments.  

All of Zeb’s creations are made with 100%+ love and care, focusing on attention to detail.

In 2000 Zeb was offered the chance to take her designs to Milan as a direct result of exhibiting her very unusual and unique wedding gowns and accessories, at a high class bridal exhibition held at The Savoy Hotel in London.  At this time, with Zeb’s two young sons being just 1 and 3 years of age, Zeb decided against the offer of a life time,  moving herself and her children to Italy, in favour of devoting more time to raising her family over personal gain.  

Now that her boys are settled into their studies Zeb is able to devote more time to being creative again. Looking for a new challenge, she has discovered a slight change of direction into bags and casual clothing.  

The Workroom

The new workroom where the magic happens


Patterns are designed and made exclusively by Zeb

Proud to be British

Hand crafted products designed and made here in the UK

The Design Studio and Work Room


Zeb has applied her skills and experience in designing to create a collection of bags that embrace a whole spectrum of fashion genre.  From classical and traditional carpet and tapestry bags in her Regency Range, through to her Shaggy Bag Selection of funky vibrant shoulder bags, then there’s her Animal Adornments collection of fake animal fur and beyond into to her practical Baby Boomer range of mother and baby bags.  Zeb is always open to new, creative and innovative ideas focusing on style and practicality without compromising on quality.